Summary of iOSDC Japan 2021

The Art of Large-Scale Refactoring

The story of how we released a live streaming feature using agora in a month and a half

The story of migrating from SQLite to Firestore for an application used by 5 million people in its 6th year of operation

What We learned after running an app using SwiftUI for a year

A Swift Stack Overflow

PickGo for Partner Replacing Native Apps with Flutter

How to release apps faster with SwiftUI

What I learned from my first foray into iOS app development and the challenge of Unity as a Library

How to implement a usable design system for OS and Android

Learn Package Manager by looking back

Best practice of end of a subscription service

Building an Identity Verification Flow for a Seamless Experience — An Example of eKYC Development for a housekeeping app Plica B/43

Creating automatic code generation tool with Source Editor Extension and SwiftSyntax

Your first hardware support

Split Japanese Sentences

Cookpad app multi-module structure

Implemented automatic screenshot generation for App Store with Arabic support and SwiftUI

All about accessibility implemented in note’s iOS app

The Challenge of App Size Optimization

The Story of How We Answered App Privacy Questions and Supported ATT

Starting with iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and tvOS 14.5, you’ll need to receive the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency framework to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier. Tracking refers to the act of linking user or device data collected from your app with user or device data collected from other companies’ apps, websites, or offline properties for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes. Tracking also refers to sharing user or device data with data brokers.

Recommendations for run-time debugging

import ReplayKit

/// starts monitoring right after app launch

func launched() async throws {

try await RPScreenRecorder.shared().startClipBuffering()


func onTapClipShareButton() throws {

let url: URL = URL(string: “”)!

try await RPScreenRecorder.shared().exportClip(to: url, duration: 5)

try await RPScreenRecorder.shared().stopClipBuffering()



Don’t be afraid of apps getting killed in the background! All about the Restore function that restores the app state

Hello, Swift Concurrency world

Easily and correctly format any information into a String



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